So you should be passed "Save the Date!" and should now RSVP!!!!

2018 Davila Dominguez
Family Reunion

July 6 & 7 2018

Rancho Las Tres Marias, Edinburg Texas

That's right, fam! We set the date and the place! 

We had a plethora of positive feedback from the 2016 shindig. We will be celebrating our family for a 2 day get together at the same place. 

Request your vacation time to include
Friday July 6 for the Meet and Greet,
Saturday July 7 for the Reunion Day


Any questions, send us a message via email at or inbox us at Davila-Dominguez on Facebook. And if you really do not want to use a computer, call Priscilla at home (956)845-6322 or cell (956)517-0594.



Our History...
One warm Christmas, at a picnic table, busily collecting aluminum cans and bottles, a festive group of cousins realized  how huge their family was getting. The proof lied in the sheer number of their first cousins, the quantity was astounding! It made them wonder if their distant relatives had the same dilemma. Then someone piped up "Distant relatives?! You mean there are more of us?!?!" The time had come to gather up the entire family and MEET each other! It was this night the idea for the Davila-Dominguez Family Reunion was born.  
Taking the union of two common anchors, Faustino Davila and Maria Aurora Dominguez, the reunion was planned in their honor. From their children to their siblings and cousins, all relatives are welcome to join every two years in Hargill and celebrate the spectacular and quite fruitful union and the ever-growing family brought together by these two individuals.
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